Monday, March 24, 2014

The joy of learning

I was at the University of Washington campus for the annual event of watching the cherry tree blossoms in all their glory all around the Quad. It was a beautiful sight, indeed. But, far more inspiring were the old heritage buildings beckoning me with their promises of hidden knowledge and unexplored learnings. I wanted to go back to being a student, sitting in a lecture hall with a talented teacher waxing eloquence on the theories of Sigmund Freud and such. I was motivated, inspired and hopeful. The lure of education and learning does that to me.

Hours later, I came home to an email with a powerpoint attachment, very professionally made, with just the right amount of content and hook to intice young teachers, for whom it was meant. It was a delightful way to end my day.

Most of us have graduated and even gone on to do our post graduate studies, often with the sole purpose of landing that dream job that would take care of our existential and utilitarian needs. How many of us have experienced the liberating feeling that comes from learning a new precept without the worrisome assignment//exam, in the near future. I had very ordinary teachers ( barring a couple) throughout my school and undergrad days. I performed well but did not learn much.

It was only later in life when I realised the importance of great universities housing talented teachers. These teachers were inspiring, mentoring and guiding us to find our Chosen path. They motivated and encouraged me to be curious and explore my way through the curriculum. This time round, not only did I do well but I gained a lot of insight into the subject.

Even today, I continue to learn from my teachers. Its just that they have now taken the form of an elder, a parent, a friend, a book. I search for them in every interaction and drink up from their exhaustive reservoir of experiences, knowledge, supervision and advice. I derive clarity from them, I get a new perspective and I grow calmer and more introspective. What more do I want from life?

If there is anything I would wish for my young school going clients, it would be to be blessed with a good mentor, guide and teacher. Everything else will fall into place.

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